Composition of stacker: 1. Machine body 2. Unloading platform 3. Traveling detection mechanism 4. Control cabinet 5. Telescopic fork 6. Elevator 7. Horizontal running motor 8. Maintenance platform 9. Lifting motor platform 10. Control cabinet platform 11. Lifting detection device 12. Maintenance ladder

Stacker classification:

1. Single column stacker, feature: 24m 1.5T single depth

2. Double column stacker, feature: 28m 1.5T single depth / double depth  

3. Turning stacker, feature: it can work in two roadways  

4. Light material box stacker, features: aluminum, light, high speed

Core product stacker and its composition:

1. Stacker is the core component of automatic storage system. It is the main execution equipment in the storage system. Be responsible for storing or taking out goods from internal shelves. The load capacity ranges from 50kg to 4T.

2. The running speed of high-speed stacker is 260m / min.

3. The control system adopts German technology and is manufactured in strict accordance with German standards.

4. The drive system adopts the overall scheme of Siemens.  

5. The detection, communication and other devices shall be manufactured by German Lloyd's products.

6. Schneider products are used for low-voltage electrical appliances.

Stacker hardware configuration:

Fork: absolute encoder positioning replaces traditional switch positioning.

Lifting: laser code scanning rangefinder has high precision, stable signal and fast speed. SSI, the positioning curve is smooth and the shaking is small.

Controller: Siemens S7300 / S7-1500 controller, with fast operation speed and stable performance.

Communication: Siemens PROFINET protocol + Siemens original cable, fast communication speed and stable signal.

Driver: Siemens S120 / G120 vector control. Stable output torque and stable speed control.

Motor: Siemens / SEW three-phase AC motor, with stable output torque and stable operation.

Level: laser rangefinder has high precision and high speed. SSI positioning curve is smooth with little shaking

Safety protection measures for stacker:

1. The stacker is a high-speed equipment with large inertia. Therefore, there must be relatively perfect safety protection measures.

2. Mechanical structure guarantee: anti falling mechanism and anti overload structure can prevent the pallet from falling and ensure the safety of the equipment.

3. Electric control safety protection: install various sensors, perfect anti daze control procedures, and ensure the safety of personnel and equipment to the greatest extent.

4. Safety door: when the safety door is opened, the machine will stop automatically, which can be operated manually only after manual confirmation, and the speed is strictly limited. When the operator opens the safety door and enters the stacker roadway in case of failure and abnormal shape, the interlocking function to make the stacker stop urgently is equipped to ensure the safety of the operator.

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